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Pet vaccinations in Shellharbour

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Why should I vaccinate my pet?

Vaccines are designed to prepare your pet’s immune system to fight off infection. Essentially, vaccinations protect your pet from disease and prolongs their life. At Shellharbour Veterinary Clinic, we provide vaccination services for dogs, cats and rabbits. We recommend that these family pets receive proper vaccines, especially when they are young. 

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Vaccination series for young animals

Vaccination series are vital for the health of puppies and kittens. Young animals are protected by antibodies in their mother’s milk. However, as they are weaned from this milk, they become more vulnerable to infection.   

It is very common for puppies and kittens to receive vaccines in a strictly scheduled series. This is important because the young immune systems of these animals are not mature enough to combat the diseases they may come in contact with. This leaves puppies and kittens susceptible to life-threatening illnesses early on in their lives. 

Which vaccination series is right for your pet?

We provide full vaccination series for young dogs, cats, and rabbits in our friendly clinic. A scheduled series of vaccinations is vital to ensuring that there are no time gaps that could compromise your pet’s immune system. Our expert veterinarians will determine the proper vaccination schedule and then administer these injections to keep your new family member happy and healthy.   
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