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Desexing in Shellharbour

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Why should I desex my pet?

There are many reasons why pet owners decide to have their pets spayed or neutered. The most common reason for desexing a female dog or cat is to prevent unwanted pregnancy. As most pet shelters are overcrowded, this helps control the pet population. 

Desexing male dogs and cats has many benefits as well. Neutering a male dog can curb aggressive tendencies as he matures. Male cats can also show aggressive tendencies, most often manifesting in a desire to fight with other cats. This can lead to injuries and transmission of Feline
Immunodeficiency Virus or FIV.    

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When can I have my pet de-sexed?

Pets can be de-sexed at any time, but the most common timeframe for the procedure to be performed is between six weeks and six months of age. In most cases, pets need to be kept in our office for the day of their surgery but can return home that evening. Our veterinarians and nurses will keep you informed every step of the process to ensure that your pet makes a full and healthy recovery.
At Shellharbour Veterinary Clinic, we offer full surgical desexing services. If you have been thinking of getting your pet spayed or neutered, our experienced vets will complete the procedure making your pet’s health and comfort a priority.
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