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Veterinary dentistry in Shellharbour

Have you noticed that your dog or cat has bad breath? Have they recently changed their eating habits? These may be signs that your pet is in need
of dental care. 

Tartar build-up can lead to dental disease which in turn can cause a host of problems for your pet. These problems can include pain, general depression, oral cancer and liver, lung, heart or kidney failure.

If not treated properly, dental disease can significantly shorten the life
of your pet. 
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At Shellharbour Veterinary Clinic, we provide full dental services for your pet, including cleaning and surgery.

We recommend yearly checkups to identify any current or potential problems with your pet’s oral health.

During a check-up, it may be necessary to put your pet under general anaesthesia in order to properly assess their oral health.

Our highly trained and experienced vets and nurses will take special care of your best friend during this process, making it as easy and stress-free for them as possible.   

Our nurses have a combined 30 years of service in our practice

If you have noticed bad breath, a change in eating habits or general depression in your pet, it may be time for a dental check-up. Call Shellharbour Veterinary Clinic to schedule an appointment today. 
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